Why the majority of Hindus living in an atmosphere of fear ?

Few days back , In Bengal's Murshidabad there are 1 family Barbaric killed including Husband, Wife and 8 years old son. after this killing people protest across India. this was a Animal-like murder and this was pre-plan murder by killer, after this decade police justified that this killing was related to the Insurance money. question is that who is murderer and God knows who was involved in this murder.


In the latest Killing of Hindu Samaj Party's leader "Kamlesh Tiwari" , there are same method is implemented for killing of this leader, in the Police and Postmortem report there are Stabbed to the neck 13 times and then shot. after this murder, people again protest against this killings and demand for the justice and there are #trending on social media for demand the justice.

No one Bollywood Celebrities and Liberal are come for this killing because Bollywood has Dual hypocrisy

These major killings of Hindus have taken in recent times, due to which there is an atmosphere of fear in Hindu society, these killings are happening especially of people who are activists of Hindus organisation.

Now the people of Hindu society have started thinking that , who will be the next target by the Islamic Extremism, and which organisation will be the next target, you can see such posts or comments on social media.

Some websites and some bloggers are telling their story by making videos, how can these jihadis commit such cruel killing with them.

Now understand that this does not mean that majority Hindu society is scared. Rather, the Hindu society is following the Indian constitution and tolerating the crime in its wake. The day when this Hindu society responds, then such Islamic Extremism will disappear from all over India. We and our culture are not against any religion. We are tolerant which some people are taking advantage of which is quite wrong.

Please keep your surroundings clean and Be Safe

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