Story of Doda Massacre of Kashmiri Hindus in 2006

The dreaded night of April 30, which the Hindus of Jammu region's "Doda" and "Udhampur" can never forget, this night was very scary, some people start crying when they remember and they are scared of Islamic terrorists Do not attack us again. This attack was planned.

doda narsanhar

29 April 2006

On 29 April 2006 in Basantgarh, "Udhampur", 9 people of Hindu society were kidnapped by the Islamic terrorists and then they were not found, the police kept searching for them, then on 30 April the next day, the Islamic terrorists lined up and shot them. Roasted, then his corpse was recovered from the nearby "Lolan throat" village.

doda narsanhar
After the attack, Ghulam Nabi Azad went to meet the families.

30 April 2006

This day can be called a dark day for the Hindu society, it happened on the day of Udhampur incident, at 2:30 in the night, the terrorists came in the dress of the Indian Army, people thought that these army soldiers are some inquiries. Must have come, but people were misunderstanding,

doda narsanhar

Killed by asking for religion

When the terrorists reached Kulhand village in Doda district at 2:30 in the night and then reached the village and asked everyone to come out of the house by asking for religion, the Hindus who were in it, took them out and lined them up and then Islamic terrorists shot 22 Hindus with bullets. Dia, who also had a 3-year-old little girl.

Villagers rushed the injured to the district hospital at Doda as the village was three hours by road.
Together these two massacres killed a total of 35 Hindus.

Lashkar took responsibility ..

After this incident, Pakistani terrorist organization "Lashkar-e-Toiba" took responsibility for this.

Cause of incident

The separatists in the Kashmir Valley had declared a boycott, despite the boycott by the Hindus of the Jammu region who participated in the election, which they suffered as a massacre ..

After the incident, there was outrage all over India including Jammu

Rakesh Kumar, an eyewitness, says the terrorists knocked on his door at around 12.30 am and asked his elder brother to accompany him. After some time he heard gunshots and his brother suffered serious injuries.

There was no police outpost around the village at the time of the incident as these people were displaced Hindus who had been established a few years earlier, there was an army camp located a few kilometers from the site of the incident.

A complete bandh was organized in Doda and other towns of the district to protest against the incident. The students boycotted classes at Jammu University and other institutions. Many BJP leaders reached Doda.

This incident was condemned all over the world ..

The incident was condemned all over the world, after this incident, the Australian government declared Lashkar-e-Taiba as a terrorist organization.

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