Know about Direct Action Day (1946)

What do you know about Direct Action Day? Do you know what happened on 16 August 1946? Maybe you do not know but this incident is still hidden from us today, you can look at any page of history, you will get a little bit about it, Who was responsible for this horror killings ?
Direct Action Day

Before independence, the Chief Minister of Bengal used to be Hussein Shaheed Suhrawardy, who was the leader of the Muslim League, was very cruel and anti-Hindu, he later became the fifth Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was Jinnah's special man, he had massacred Hindus in Bengal, read what happened to secular Hindus ...

Nearly a year after independence, Muslim League leader "Mohammad Ali Jinnah" demanded a separate Muslim country of Pakistan, Jinnah's Muslim League announced a Direct Action Day in entire India to meet the demand of Pakistan, Punjab. And the genocide of Hindus in Bengal started from here, within 72 hours in Bengal, only in Calcutta, 6 thousand Hindus were killed by Muslim League goons. a number of more than 20 thousand people were injured, called the Great Calcutta Killings,
Direct Action Day
Vulture are watching for the Dead body of Hindus 
How many people drifted into the Hooghly River, burned 1,200 in a fire, or were trapped in a sewer burned by relatives throwing their dead bodies privately, women gathered from people from different areas to the Bada Maidan. Rape ... Thousands of new widows, little girls, older women were raped in the open field in the middle of the Calcutta metropolis in the afternoon in broad daylight and at the same time Muslims gathered to see it as a celebration, which Allah hu Akbar was a celebration. Think, that day more than 40,000 Hindu women were raped and 1,10,000 people were killed, which was already being called 'The Great Calcutta Killing' or 'The Week of the Long Knife'. "

Direct Action Day
Dead body of Hindus on the Calcutta roads
Due to Gandhi's poor politics, there was a fierce violence in Bengal at that time, in which Noakhali violence was the most oppressed, and in this violence, every house of Hindus was attacked and women and girls were raped in this district. In just 3 days, about 1 lakh Hindus were chopped like carrot radish by armed Muslim League supporters.

Organized and arms clashes broke out and Hindus surrounded the houses. The zamindar families who were already in shock, havoc on the rioters everywhere adopted the same method. Maulana and Maulvi used to walk with the herd. Where the mob work ended, Maulana and Maulvi used to convert Hindus. In some villages, classes were conducted to teach the Kalma and verses of the Quran.

For fifteen days, the world did not get the news of this massacre. It would be called the irony of destiny that the Muslims who committed this barbaric act, in fact those poor, uneducated, seduced Muslims of Noakhali were religion-converting Hindus barely fifty years ago.

The strange thing is that when the Muslim League announced the Direct Action Day, the Hindus of Bengal and the rest of the state would not live on the ears of the Hindus, Hindus were so blind in secularism that they do not know about their future. Could

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