Who was Gopal Mukherjee ??? I Savier of Hindus in Bengal On Direct action day I

Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay aka Gopal Patha aka Gopal Mukherjee ??

gopal chandra mukherjee
Gopal chandra Mukherjee
Gopal Patha lived in Malanga Lane in Bovbazar, Central Calcutta. He also had an abattoir and hence he was more famous as Gopal Pantha. However, despite all this, his patriotism was second to none. He was a follower of Anukul Chandra Mukherjee (famous revolutionary) and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. 

He did not trust the strange doctrine of non-violence and was also propagated by Gandhi in the Indian scene. Gopal firmly believed that force was the most essential feature to drive the British out of India. Personally, he had good relations with some Congress leaders.

You will hardly find his name in any communist history of India,

Gopal Mukherjee, based on his ideology, formed and operated a small organization called the "Bhartiya Jaati Vahini" the Hindu youth used to learn and practice the power and knowledge of weapons. Even though people were not conscious of this, the same organization made the first Hindu defense in August 1946. His disciples succeeded in overcoming Muslim miscreants and Gopal was called the savior of Hindus.

On the day of Direct Action Day, when he saw that Hindus are being killed around Bengal, no one is going to stop them, then he formed a team with some of his friends and collected weapons, collected important items like bomb ammo, rioters Had to go to teach a lesson.

Gopal caused panic among the Muslim rioters and when Hindus began to have a heavy upper hand, Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy called the army. Then the riots stopped. But Gopal saved Kolkata from ruin.

After this "exploit" of Gopal, Gandhi came to Kolkata and started his fast (because his beloved Muslims had turned down). He himself called Gopal twice, but Gopal categorically refused.

For the third time, when a local Congress leader prayed to Gopal, "At least give some weapon to Gandhiji." Then Gopal said, "When Hindus were being killed, where was your Gandhiji?" I have protected Hindu women of my area with these weapons, I will not lay down arms.

If rightly said, we have forgotten the savior of this Hindu. And we are still slaves to Gandhi's false secularism. Maybe we should not forget heroes like these.

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