What is ISKCON ? | How it started ? | What is the history behind ISKCON ?

First of all, know what is ISKCON ? And who is the founder of ISKCON ?

ISKCON's full name is "International Society for Krishna Consciousness",

The founder of ISKCON was "Abhayacharanarvind Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada", also known as "Swami Srila Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada",

He was born on 1 September 1896 in a Bengali Kayastha family in Calcutta, British India, when Prabhupada ji was only 14 years old, his mother had died, today the faith in the Hindu religion of the whole world, Lord Shri Krishna and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita. It is, crores of people from all over the world who have become followers of Sanatan Dharma, the credit goes to Prabhupada ji.

How was ISKCON established?

Prabhupada ji's guru wanted Bhagavad Gita and Krishna devotion spread throughout the world, for which he chose Prabhupada ji, because Prabhupada ji knew English very well.

After his retirement in 1959, he translated the Srimad Bhagavatpuran into English in many parts in Vrindavan, there were no modern-day printers at the time, nor were there any software to translate, at this time Bhagavadgita 80 Translations have been done in more languages ​​and these books are being distributed worldwide.

After publishing the first three parts, in 1965, at the age of 70, he set out to go to America by water ship without any money or help, he got twice a heart attack, yet he Krishna kept on going to America for devotion, finally he reached New York.

When they reached America, they had nothing to eat, so at that time there was a revolution in America called Hippie Revolution, hippies were always drunk and indulging in wrongdoing, which would disturb the American government there. It was, Prabhupada ji went to the midst of the same hippio that he started doing Kirtan of Krishna devotion,

Hippies used to harass Prabhupada ji too, throw liquor on his body, crush Pesab, harass Prabhupada ji with such misdeeds, yet he kept chanting and reciting Bhagwadgita among hippies, Gradually, the heart of Hippio began to change.

When the hippies heard their kirtans, they started giving up drugs, adultery, and meat, the American government was blown away, an old master showed what the government could not do, all bowed down to see the exploits of this Indian master.

In 1968, as an experiment, he established Neo-Vrindavan in the hills of Virginia (America), influenced by this rich acreage of two thousand acres, his disciples established similar communities elsewhere, in 1972 in Dallas, Texas. I founded the Vedic system of primary and secondary education by establishing a Gurukula.

From 1966 to 1977, he traveled around the world 14 times and after talking to many scholars about Krishna Bhakti explained to him how Krishna spirit is the real spirit of the living being.

Gradually, "Hare Krishna Mahamantra" spread to every house. Great musicians, philosophers, lawyers, theologians, Rajnayaks and leaders started visiting him. ISKCON grew under the leadership of Swami Prabhupada. It opened hundreds of temples, opened ashrams and introduced millions of people to the name Hari. He made the Jagannath Yatra to be done all over the world in Puri, Odisha.
Prabhupada ji died on 14 November 1977 in Vrindavan Dham in the famous religious city of Mathura, after that ISKCON was in a lot of controversies, but again he is now getting a new identity in the whole world, and it has spread in many countries.

ISKCON continued its important work, today, through an organization called 'Akshaya Patra', they give free mid-day meals to millions of children in the country, they have started the work of opening schools and connecting them to the mainstream among the backward tribal tribes. And many engineers, doctors, traders have been influenced by their work and have become life members.

Right now there are 850 ISKCON temples and centers all over the world, every day millions of people are fed food by ISKCON, its headquarters is in Maya Pur, West Bengal.

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