1971 War, When 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to the Indian Army, Read Full Story

1971 War images
Jagjit Singh Aurora (left), Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, and Lt. Gen. Assan Ali Khan Niazi of the Pakistani Army sign the papers that would end the war between the two countries and lead to the creation of Bangladesh.
The whole world is aware of the bad relationship between India and Pakistan. Whenever there was a war between the two countries, Indian soldiers prevailed over Pakistan. One of these wars is also the 1971 war, when India not only forced Pakistan to kneel down but also divided it into two pieces.

Protestors at a rally in Trafalgar Square, London, calling for the recognition of the Bangladeshi declaration of independence from Pakistan,
At that time, 93,000 Pakistan soldiers in East Pakistan and present-day Bangladesh surrendered to India. This is the largest surrender ever made by one country in the history of the world. After the defeat of Pakistan, a new country was born on the world map which we know as Bangladesh.

When the voice of protest across in East Pakistan (Bangladesh)

A few years after the formation of Pakistan, protests in East Pakistan started looming. Repeated treatment by East Pakistan bosses with East Pakistan further fueled this protest and civil war situations began to develop here. General elections were held in 1970 in Pakistan.

A refugee camp filled with East Pakistani refugees 1971 on the outskirts of Calcutta, India

Refugees from Bangladesh arrive at Tripura in North-East India,
East Pakistan's largest party Awami League emerged as the largest party in the elections. The party won 160 seats. On the other hand, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's party PPP from West Pakistan won only 81 seats. The President of Pakistan Yahya Khan and the PPP did not want any party government to form from East Pakistan.
 Indian troops in a heavily-camouflaged lorry arrive at Dacca in East Pakistan during the India-Pakistan War
Indian soldiers rejoice 12/16 after entering the capital of East Pakistan. One soldier holds up a picture of Awami League chief Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who was arrested here last March.
Things got worse from here. The public turned against their own soldiers. The demand for separation from West Pakistan became more vocal. For the struggle for independence in East Pakistan (Bangladesh), the armed liberation Bahini Army was formed and its fight with the Pakistani Army started. India supported the liberation arms.

Entry of Indian troops in East Pakistan and 13-day war

India was supporting Mukti Bahini but was not directly and militarily part of this fight. However, due to the civil war that broke out in East Pakistan, many Bangladeshi refugees started fleeing to India. It was a difficult time for India. Eventually India decided to enter East Pakistan to deal with this problem.
volunteers being drilled by soldiers of the East Pakistan Rifles
Pakistan gave this opportunity to India. After the attack on Indian bases by Pakistan on December 3, 1971, Indian soldiers openly jumped into this campaign. India clashed with Pakistan with full force. The problem for Pakistan was that it had to fight on two fronts. One front was from West Pakistan while the other front was from East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

Indian Soldiers during 1971 war
Finally, Pakistan had to face it. The morale of the Pakistani army kept on deteriorating and finally on 16 December they were forced to surrender.

Pakistan's soldiers surrendered in 30 minutes

The Indian Army reached Dhaka on the morning of 16 December, winning. On this front, Commander Lieutenant General JFR Jacob, commanding the Indian Army, with his 3 thousand soldiers, showed tremendous courage and unmatched tactics and forced Pakistan troops led by Lt Gen AK Niazi to kneel within 30 minutes.
An Indian soldier with rifle and fixed bayonet watches over Pakistan prisoners captured during the Battle of Khulna, East Pakistan during the India-Pakistan War
Indian Soldiers Examine Captured Weapons
 group of Pakistan Army officers standing after laying down their arms at a disarmament ceremony in Dhaka

defeated Pakistan Army soldiers prepare to board a train in Dhaka
It is said that when Jacob entered Pakistan, Niazi had 30,000 troops on this front but had to surrender. With this, more than 90 thousand soldiers present in East Pakistan were also forced to surrender. With this, Bangladesh was born.
group of Indian soldiers captured by Pakistani army
National Rail Museum At Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, India

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