Azaan sound is so disturbed, Mumbai's girl complaint against sound of ''Azaan'

The video of a girl named "Karishma Bhosle" from Mumbai's Mankhurd is becoming increasingly viral on social media, with many videos posted from the Twitter handle of "Karishma Bhosle" herself.

In the caption of this video, "Karishma Bhosle" states that there is a mosque near her house and the 'sound system' installed above that mosque is near the window of her house, which causes her a lot of trouble.  When Namaz and Ajan are read, a very loud voice comes to her window, which causes her and her family to remain upset.

Due to this problem, when she reached the mosque to reduce the sound of the "sound system", a large number of people reached there, the police reached there but they were not spared either.

The local MLA here asked us to leave our house, the MLA said that if you cannot stop the loud sound of Ajan, then you leave the house.

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