After Maharashtra, a saint was attacked in Hoshiarpur, Punjab by two unknown person

The saint has been attacked in Punjab after nearly a week, now in Maharashtra. According to the report, the attack took place in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

Last night in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, around 10 pm, when Swami Pushpendra Ji Maharaj of Swami Hoshiarpur was resting in his ashram, 2 people closed the wall and entered the ashram and attacked Swamiji.

At the local hospital, Maharaj told the police that the unidentified persons locked their hands and attacked and injured them and escaped from the robber's ashram with 50 thousand rupees and some other items.

Later, Swamiji was taken to the hospital by the local Sanjeev Talwad. According to the information received, the culprit is far from the grip of the police, according to the police, the police is investigating and soon the culprits will be in the grip of the police.

In connection with the attack on Sant Pushpendra ji, Hoshiarpur police has registered a case under PS 394/34 of the IPC at PS City police station and further investigation has been started.

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