A crowd of Muslims attacked the police team in Karnataka for stopping the Friday prayers

Lockdown is going on all over the country due to Corona virus, gathering of any crowd is forbidden, and people are shying away from it, and they are following social distancing, and leaving their work and spending time at home, and are staying out of the necessary work, there is also news on the other side, where people are gathering prayers in mosques despite refusing, in this time.

A crowd of namazis attacked the police team, injuring four policemen, and minor injuries to four policemen at the mosque in Hubli, Karnataka, for stopping the Friday prayers from offering prayers. Hubli-Dharwad Police Commissioner R Dileep said, "Legal action will be taken against all those involved in the case."

Recently, a similar case was reported in Nizamuddin, Delhi, in which many people had participated in the program of Tabligi Jamaat in Nizamuddin Markaz, thousands from all over the country. The people who have come out of the mark of Tabligi Jamaat have disturbed the whole country, because corona virus has been confirmed in many people who have reached here. As the police investigation is proceeding, after joining, the number of people hiding all over the country is increasing. Several hundred people have been identified and quarantined, while further research continues.

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