2 Hindu saints and their driver beaten to death by mob infront of police in Palghar, Mumbai

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2 saints and the driver carrying them was also killed in the same attack on the Talasri Ahmedabad highway located in Palghar, Maharashtra, some suspected people attacked a sage-sainted carriage on the highway,

After the handicap in this case, the police have registered proceedings against 110 convicts so far. According to the information available, in the Talasri village of Palghar, Maharashtra, a deadly attack was carried out by stopping the vehicle of sage Mahatmas passing by the Ahmedabad National Highway towards the Gujarat towards the Gujarat. In the grip of this deadly attack, so far 2 saints and a driver have been killed and some injured are being treated.

Two days ago, two saints from Mumbai's Dahisar, Gurubhai Saint Ramgiri Maharaj Ji, died in his ashram in Surat. To attend his funeral, his Srisushil Giri and his eldest guru Chikna Baba were passing through the Ahmedabad National Highway area with their driver to stop the car at Talasari Casa village in Palghar, shouting a thief with the intention of stealing some goons. They started attacking those saints with sharp weapons, wooden swords. Not only this, all the cash that they had was also taken away. The police patrol in the lock-down also appeared to open here because the police did not even have a name for a long time in this entire uproar.

When the noise became more loud, the police reached the spot and kept those saints in the local police post for some time and then installed them in their jeeps. However, the attackers scrambled with the police and killed all the saints with weapons till their souls flew away .. It is also being told that the police would keep both the saints inside the police post for some time and control. If the help of additional police force was asked from the room, the lives of all those saints could be saved. In the wake of this, somewhere there is a very big problem standing on the role of Maharashtra Police in this incident.

Police has been told that a case has been registered against 110 people so far, but by registering a case on goons, some of these saints will come back to life. In order to give the bodies of these saints, the police also asked many questions to be answered by sage saints. News of this is also coming, but after 2 days, the service of these saints has been handed over to the saints of Trimbakeshwar Akhada today. Today, samadhi was given at Trimbakeshwar over these two saints.

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