Six SDPI workers arrested in Bengaluru for plotted to kill MP Tejasvi Surya,

The Bengaluru police have arrested 6 people belonging to the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) in the case of attack on RSS Swayamsevak Varun on December 22nd. City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao informed the media about the arrests which were made after a massive manhunt. The arrested Jihadis are Mohammad Irfan, Sayyad Akbar, Sayyad Siddiqui, Akbar Basha, Sabaullah Sharief and Sadiq ul Ameen.

A RSS Swayamsevak Varun was brutally attacked on December 22nd while he was returning from a rally supporting CAA at the city's Town hall. Though he was critically injured, his life is out of danger and still recuperating.
Commissioner of Police also confirmed that the 6 terrorists belonged to SDPI were also at the rally to attack leaders supporting #CAA. They were paid Rs 10,000 from their handlers to create ruckus at the rally. A special team was formed and a massive manhunt was launched. The police had got the hint of those invovled within a few day but they were hiding and changing locations. Finally, they were arrested today and presented to the media. The commissioner also said that the case now will be handed over to the Anti-Terror unit given the seriousness of the case the kind of people involved.

In a startling revelation, the Bengaluru police investigation says that the 6 arrested were actually entrusted with the task of attacking and killing young MP Tejasvi Surya and popular orator and writer Chakravarti Sulibele at the December 22nd rally. Their intention was to create ruckus at the venue and scare away the participants.

MP Tejasvi Surya and Chakravarti Sulibele
Both MP Tejasvi Surya and Chakravarti Sulibele have been very vocal in their support of the CAA. Both have spoken in favor on the CAA in public and in many shows. Local Kannada media reports that thanks to the tight security cover at the venue, the plot of the Jihadis to kill the 2 leaders failed. RSS Swayamsevak was not their original target but the two leaders. Varun was more of a venting of their anger after the failure to attack the 2 leaders, suggests media reports.

The BJP has welcomed the quick investigation and nabbing of the culprits. BJP leader Jagadish Shettar said that the involvement of SDPI has been proved now and hence the organisation should be banned as they have always been involved with anti-social activities. The government of India should take very serious note of this, he urged.

SDPI was also involved in the brutal murder of another RSS Swayamsevak Rudresh in Shivajingar area of Bengaluru on October 16, 2016. SDPI and PFI activists were also named in the attack on Paneendra, another RSS Swayamsevak in August 2014. It is alleged that the case was closed without proper investigation and a 'C' report was filed in a hurry.

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