After 70 years I realized that I can not stay in India as a Muslim: Naseeruddin Shah

69-year-old Bollywood legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah has expressed disappointment over the current situation in India, saying that after 70 years he has started to realize that he cannot stay in India as a ‘Muslim’.

This actor, for the first time, broke the silence over the controversial citizenship law created by the Indian government in December 2019.

In an exclusive interview to ‘The Wire’, Naseeruddin Shah said that even after 70 years, he needed to prove that he was a ‘Muslim’, as well as an Indian and his evidence, should not be denied.

He questioned that he is living in India for 70 years and working there is not proof of his Indianness, so what should he do?

In that context, the actor said that he and his family did not think that it was difficult to remain Muslim in India till now, but now they have realized that they cannot remain in India as ‘Muslims’.

According to Naseeruddin Shah, he now fears for his Muslim identity and at the same time, he is worried.

Speaking on controversial citizenship law, Naseeruddin Shah said he was surprised at the silence of Bollywood’s most influential actors in this sensitive issue.

India made the Controversial Citizenship Act in December 2019 under which citizens of six religions, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and Persians who came to India by December 31, 2014, from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will be granted citizenship.

Under the aforementioned law, Muslims coming from all three countries will not be granted citizenship

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  1. Very good ,afterall he said something, well welcome to new Bharat, and if u wish to go to other country you may, No problem. I salute to government for such great decision.

  2. Pl check Your Brother vodeo you will better understand what's india is....

  3. No please.... Not now... Just get out from here, that's all.. We tried to absorb and given too much space to write and talk.. Now it's a time to get lost from here. Being a Kalakar.. Yess.. We accepted you. Now... At the age of 70 .. Please dont think that we will accept you a "Yedpat", Please keep India's respect and just get lost.

  4. He seems to be another illiterate not understanding what the government is saying and believing all the crap the opposition is dumping on him. when did the Government say that he has to prove that he is an Indian, since he is a Muslim and that another Hindu actor need not prove that he is an Indian? what sort of impossible proof the Government has demanded from him that he is unable to provide. Crap. Every one has to register and give the proof they have with them. His Adhaar, his Driving License, His voter ID, his Father's name, His school certificate, his property tax receipt, his PAN number, his IT returns- if he has nothing among these documents, he is free to go to any other country where they will not ask him any question. Let him try Pakistan or Bangla Desh and see how many questions they will be asking.

  5. There seems to be confusion on this.i dont care personally. M of indian descent..dont care abt institutionalised religious ID. in yr hrt n humanity is my religion....but wud never ever think of living in such a corrupt n shit country like india..where women are crapped upon..killed n raped..this govt cannot communicate clearly??u shd be ashamed to be citizens if such a country

  6. Please do not misinterpret the law of the land which fed you for 70 years.

  7. Hello Mr. Nassiruddin Shah on what basis are you saying that you are unable to stay in India anymore as a Muslim? Did you come from any of those theocratic countries to India? Even if you did you must have come decades ago. So no problem to continue as an Indian citizen. The problem is for those who came after 2014. A person of your education and standing should not strengthen the hands of our polilical Opposition Parties who are falsely creating a fear complex among Muslims just create unrest in the country on the basis of their religious affiliation. Go through the text of the CAA /NRC. India is not a barbaric theocratic country like Pakistan or other theocratic countries in our neighourhood. We are proud to remain a SECULAR country where all religions coexist without conflicts. The diversity on various fronts like religion, language, culture and race is the beauty of India. Its not at all dented by the CAA. CAA does not mention Muslims only because they are not being persecuted in these countries. People from the minority religions in those countries alone need asylum here. Please be sensible to understand the situation. With your education and ability to think independently I'm shocked to know that you are carried away by the vote-mongering Opposition Parties in India.


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