25 employees of Pantaloons India suspended for singing National Anthem in Kolkata.

Pantaloons staff sang the national anthem together.  And for that crime, 20 workers have been suspended.  There have been allegations from Pantaloon's Fashion and Retail Limited.

Pantaloons is a leading name in the garment business in India.  There are multiple companies in Kolkata.  This company is popular with modern youth.  And 26 of their activists are said to have been sacked for singing the national anthem in Kolkata.  Residents of the organization have been sitting in Dharna for the past five days in protest.

Complaints are being raised at the grassroots for suspending staff for singing the national anthem.  The question is whether the Pantaloon authorities know the whole thing.

The Chief Minister is continuing the protest against NRC, CAA in Bengal.  Anti-Center protests are taking place in many parts of the state.  In this situation, a new debate is emerging over whether the Pantaloon's staff will be read in Roshan to sing the national anthem.  The allegations are pointing to the grassroots government in the state.

Meanwhile, social media activist video of boycotts spread as netizens reacted.  Demand for boycott of Pantaloon's products arose when he lost his job for singing the national anthem.

Pantaloons’ Response 

Pantaloons has issued a counter statement dismissing the claims and said that the suspended employees were suspended for a “gross act of indiscipline which is being investigated”.

“Disciplinary action was taken due to a variety of reasons ranging from acts of violence in the presence of customers, disruption of store operations, threatening female employees and abusing co-workers. Any other insinuation regarding the suspension letter is blatantly false,” the company said in a statement. 

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