Mohammad Kaifi, accused in Kamlesh Tiwari's murder, got bail

Kamlesh Tiwari

Former Hindu Samaj Party's leader Kamlesh Tiwari was assassinated in Lucknow on 18 October. The names of several clerics were revealed in this massacre. After this, many people were arrested in the action of UP Police and Gujarat ATS. The main accused Ashfaq and Moinuddin had admitted that they brutally murdered Hindu Samaj Party President Kamlesh Tiwari because of the statement on Prophet Muhammad. The name of Maulana Syed Kaifi Ali of Bareilly also came up in this case. He had helped the killers and protected them.

Kaifi Azmi filed a bail petition in the court, which was accepted by the Chief Judicial Magistrate in charge Sudesh Kumar. He was granted bail after filing 2 sureties and personal bond amounting to Rs 20-20 thousand. Maulana said in court that the charges against him are bailable. This was accepted by the court. Maulana is accused of harboring the killers of Kamlesh Tiwari in his house.

Maulana had financed the killers of Tiwari. He was also treated. After this, both were able to escape from there. The police found many evidences against Maulana. On the basis of all this, he was arrested by SIT on 22 October. Maulana will come out of jail on Wednesday (December 4, 2019). Syed Kaifi is associated with Tajuria Dargah. Along with him, advocate Naved and his partner Kamran were also arrested. Both these dargahs are associated with Ala Hazrat.
Kamlesh Tiwari

Mufti Asjad Raza Khan of Tajuria tried to get Maulana bail. The family appealed to the Mufti for this. He was advocated by the Jamaat Raza-e-Mustafa, an organization associated with the Ala Hazrat Dargah. The vice president of the organization, Salman Hasan Khan Qadri, said that he had engaged an entire panel of lawyers for Maulana's release.

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