Whole story behind the Kothari Brothers who died at Ayodhya Karseva (1990)

The Kothari brothers(Ram & Sharad) were two RSS workers who were born in Kolkata. In 1990, they went to Ayodhya from Kolkata for kar seva . They walked many miles as the trains and bus service to Ayodhya were stopped and police was arresting and deporting people trying to enter it.

kothari brothers ayodhya
Kothari's Sister showing File photo of Sharad & Ram Kothari
On 30 Oct 1990 morning, the duo reached Ayodhya. The agitation was in full swing there and it is said that the brothers climbed main Babri Masjid building and mounted Saffron flag atop it.

kothari brothers ayodhya

kothari brothers ayodhya

kothari brothers ayodhya

On Mulayam Singh yadav’s order the police started firing after tear gas and lathi charge failed to douse kar sevak’s spirit. The brothers either got away on their own or were taken by police to Faizabad and released there. In either case, they returned to Ayodhya by 2 nov 1990 to complete their work.

Karsevaks reached the disputed site after breaking the barricading by bus

Sadhus-saints and kar sevaks overcame the security forces' bus in which police had kept the kar sevaks in custody and released outside the city. These buses were parked near the Hanuman Garhi temple. Meanwhile, a monk pushed the bus driver down. After this, he himself sat on the steering of the bus. Breaking the barricading, the bus moved quickly towards the disputed campus. More than 5000 thousand kar sevaks reached the disputed site when barricading broke the way.

Kothari brothers reached Ayodhya by walking 200 km

According to Rajesh Aggarwal, friend of Kothari brothers, Sharad and Ramkumar Kothari left Kolkata (then Calcutta) on the night of 22 October. Banaras came and stayed. The government had stopped trains and buses. So they came by taxi to Phulpur town of Azamgarh. After this, the road from here was also closed. But both of them started walking towards Ayodhya on 25 October. On October 30, both of them reached Ayodhya after walking about 200 kilometers. Sharad Kothari was the first man to climb the dome on 30 October. Then his brother Ramkumar also climbed. Both of them hoisted the saffron flag there.

ram janmabhoomi

Both brothers were shot dead on November 2

According to the book 'Chashmidid of Ayodhya' on October 30, Sharad and Ramkumar were heading towards Hanumangarhi from Digambar Akhara under the leadership of Vinay Katiyar on November 2. When the police opened fire, the two retreated and hid in a house in Lal Kothi street.

First the younger brother was shot dead. The elder brother on seeing younger brother falling, rushed to rescue but was shot dead too. Both died on the spot.

kothari brothers ayodhya
This above is last picture of them lying dead in mini-truck as their paternal uncle is paying them homage.
In memory of kar sevaks who died, 2 November is celebrated as ‘Shaurya diwas’ (Valour Day) by right wing groups. In 2015,Kothari brothers’s sister Purnima Kothari arranged a program to commemorate their 25th death anniversary but permission was denied by Akhilesh government. [3] There is charity organisation run by RSS family named ‘Kothari Brothers Memorial Trust’ which conducts blood donation and other similar social work.

Thousands gathered at the funeral on November 4

On 4 November 1990, Sharad and Ramkumar Kothari were cremated at the ghats of Saryu. Thousands of people gathered at his funeral. The slogans of Amar Rahe were echoing for both the brothers. Sharad and Ramkumar's family has been living in Kolkata for generations. Originally he was from Bikaner district of Rajasthan. His sister was going to get married on December 12, about a month after the funeral of both brothers.

In a way, Kothari family was lucky that at least they got to have closure. Many people who were killed in the firing never received the last rites. Their dead bodies were thrown in Saryu river with heavy sacks tied to them.

This is the full video of Ayodhya Karsevak

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