Know about Sunanda Vashisht , Who addressed the US Congress on Kashmir issue

sunanda vashisht

Sunanda Vasistha is an American columnist of Indian origin.

A meeting / hearing on human rights was held in Kashmir on 15 November in the US Congress. There were more anti-India members in it and hence most members of the Republican Party did not attend this meeting.

In this meeting, Sunanda Vasistha ji spoke on behalf of Kashmiri Hindus.

sunanda vashisht

She said that
  • Kashmir has witnessed exactly the same barbarism in Syria in the 90s as the radical Islamic terrorist organization ISIS.
  • Where were all the people concerned about Kashmir today when about 400,000 Hindus were expelled from Kashmir Valley in 1990.
  • Where were all the human rights leaders, on the night of 19 January 1990, when Hindu men were being asked to leave mosques and leave their women.
  • The houses of the Hindus were captured, temples were burnt, and similar multi-religious Kashmir was converted into Islamic Kashmir. All those who screamed for the minorities were silent then.
  • We were brutally tortured but the people who raised their voice for us were few.

Sunanda ji also said that on that night his grandfather was ready to take two knives and a rusty ax to kill him and his mother so that they could escape from the hands of barbaric jihadis.

But Sunanda ji and his family were fortunate enough to be able to flee the Kashmir valley safely. And those who could not escape had only two options
  • Either leave their religion and accept Islam.
  • Or death (male) / rape and death (female).

During this time, Sunanda also mentioned two shocking incidents,
  • Girija Tikku: Girija Ji was a lab assistant of a school in Kashmir. They were abducted and raped by the jihadis and later cut them into two pieces by machine while alive. In this way a young woman was traumatized.
  • BK Ganju: He was an engineer from Kashmir Valley. The jihadis entered the house and roasted them with bullets and their blood-stained rice was forcefully fed to their wife.

There was only one mistake of these two and that is the Hindu religion of these people.

At Last Sunanda says
  • The Constitution of India is one of the most liberal constitutions in the world.
  • It is not that Kashmir was completely connected with India only after the removal of Article 370, because India is not a 70 year old country, it is a 5000 year old civilization and Kashmir is an integral part of it.
  • With the removal of Article 370, the girls and the LGBTQ community of Kashmir got their rights.
  • With the removal of Article 370, terrorism in Kashmir can be easily dealt with. To maintain human rights in Kashmir, terrorism has to be uprooted because the most important human rights is the "right to live" which snatches away terrorism.

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