Vaani Kapoor wear Ram name printed bikni , people raged

vaani kapoor

It is an old habit of these Bollywood stars to keep in the headlines by targeting the Hindu religion in some way by targeting Hindu religion and making money by making anti-Hindu films, you will find many such examples.

If you do not have any film in Bollywood, then do any anti-Hindu work, or you will remain in the headlines or your film will become super hit.

Vani Kapoor, a Bollywood actress, shared a photo on her Instagram account in which this actress was seen in a pink bikini and had Lord Ram's name inscribed on that bikini, as seen in the photo below. After sharing its photo, people started calling it bad, people started saying that they are acting low to stay in the headlines.

She has removed its post from Instagram,

This actress recently had a film

vaani kapoor

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