MP's Congress worker ‘worships’ Sonia Gandhi as Durga

Madhya Pradesh Congress worker Dr TK worships Sonia Gandhi during Navratri as a manifestation of ‘Goddess’ and ‘Devi’ as he has as much faith in the Congress President as one has in God. He has also vowed that he will keep his head shaved off till she becomes the Prime Minister of India.

In Datia, Madhya Pradesh, Dr TK worships Sonia Gandhi during the Navratri because he believes she is a manifestation of the goddess. He prays to her and makes offerings throughout the nine days of Navratri to Sonia Gandhi. He even keeps fast for the Navratri to pray to Sonia Gandhi.
He has been worshipping Sonia Gandhi since last 20 years now, as per reports. He says that he only wishes to see Sonia as the PM and destroy the evil. He prays to Sonia Gandhi after taking a bath every day.

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