Bollywood dual hypocrisy on "Killings and Rape" in India

Bollywood Hypocrisy

Some example will shown for you how Bollywood has dual hypocrisy :- 

Example 1 :- 
A few days ago, when a bike thief "Tabrez" was murdered by some mob, then everyone from Bollywood celebrity to media and communist made a ruckus for this bike thief , whereas "Kamlesh Tiwari" and "Bandhu Pal" murder everyone is silent, because victim is Hindu and he is a activist of Hindus organisation and his family is poor. 

Tabrej Ansari

Example 2 :- 
In January 2018, a henious crime took place with a 8 year old girl child in Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir. The case is famously known as Kathua Rape Case.

kathua rape

liberals, Secular, Bollywood celebrity like Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor , Swara Bhaskar , Vishal Dadlani and leftists like Shehla Rashid protest for demand the justice for Ashifa, after that court sentenced 3 accuse for imprisoned.

bollywood liberal gang

Shehla Rashid raised crowd fund on behalf of Kathua Rape case Over 23 lakh rupees were transferred to the victim's father joint bank account by December 2018.
Meanwhile in between January to March 2019, some transactions were made without the knowledge of victim's father and more than 10 lakhs were debited form the bank account.

Ashifa's father told :-

"I do not know where those leaders are? Initially many came and helped. They did not approach me recently."

The father is unaware that controversial activist Talib Hussain has joined Mehbooba Mufti's PDP and JNU leader Shehla Rashid is now associated with Shah Faesal's new party. So, no one till now approached to him to demand justice in this issue.

whereas "Kamlesh Tiwari" and "Bandhu Pal" murder case everyone is silent, because victim is Hindu and he is a activist of Hindus organisation and his family is poor. same thing.

We can tell many such examples that Bollywood people have dual hypocrisy.

Bollywood wants Pakistani artists , Bollywood wants cricket with Pakistan, Bollywood wants Atif Aslam, Bollywood wants the help for the flood victim of Pakistan.

In this YouTube Video, you can see more hypo-crates celebrity of Bollywood,

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