Who was Savarkar ? Was he a traitor ?

Veer Savarkar

Veer Savarkar was a fearless freedom fighter, social reformer, writer, poet, political leader and also philosopher. He remain largely known unknown to the masses because of the vicious propaganda against him and misunderstanding around him that has been created over several decades.

Vinayak Savarkar was born in Maharashtrian Brahmin family in the village of Bhagur, Near Nasik Maharashtra, he created the ideology of Hinduism in 1923. He used the term Hinduism to describe the quality of being a Hindu, He regarded Hinduism as ethnic, cultural and political identity.

According to Savarkar, Hindu say to him/her, those who consider india to be the land in which their ancestors lived, as well as the land in which their religion originated. He advocated the creation of a Hindu in that sense.

Veer Savarkar

He was inspired by Keshav Baliram Hedgevar and M.S. Govalkar

Hedgevar is founder of RSS ( Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh) in 1925

M.S.Govalkar is founder of VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad) in 1964

Savarkar is regarded father of Hindu Nationalism in India

  • When he was at 15 year old, he organised a youth organisation to advocate nationalist ideas.
  • While pursuing his B.A from Ferguson college in pune, he was inspired by Lokmanya Tilak's announcement to boycott British clothes. He went a step ahead and on October 7, 1905, during Dusshera, he setup a bonfire(holi) and burnt all his foreign clothes and goods.
  • He was arrested in 1909 on charge of plotting an armed revolt against the Morle-Minto reform. He tried to escape by diving in the water but was arrest as he reached the shore.
  • On July 1911, Savarkar was sentenced to two life sentences 50 years in cellular jail of Andaman, also known as kala pani. After mercy petition and pressure from Indian  National Congress he was shifted to Yerwada jail in 1923 and he was released in 1924 under strict condition of not participating in politics for 5 years and barring to leave Ratnagiri district.
  • Though he was not allowed to participate in politics and leave Ratnagiri, he decided to work on abolishment of untouchability in Ratnagiri, He gained 100 percent success in it within 2 years. Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar who was the editor of 'janta' a monthly , compared his work to Lord Buddha.
  • In 1964, Savarkar felt his goal of independence india is achieved and it was time to leave, So he declared his wish to attain Samadhi and started hunger strike on February 1 , 1966 and passed away on February 26, 1966.

Is Savarkar was traitor ?

When congress members or liberals tell that Savarkar was traitor because he send mercy petitions to British in jail, a simple question for who ask : What got him andman jail into the first place ? Was it not his constant actions that evoked revolting against the British ? Therefore, how one can be fundamentally against the British and a British Sympathiser at the same time ?

A brief analysis of Gandhi's arrest and unconditional releases by British show that the jail experiences of Savarkar and Gandhi can not be compared. Unlike other British jails where Gandhi spent his time, The Andman jail had worst conditions, it was reserved for worst enemies of the empire in India. Gandhi was never sent to Cellular jail. if Gandhi comes out from jail due to health without any preconditions by British he remains a Saint and a Leader, but if Savarkar writes a petitions because of his inability to sustain torture, he become a servant of British. this is laughable theory.

It show that liberal in India lack basic humanity and sympathy for a human being represents another political ideology, our country's failure to stand up for a freedom fighter who suffered who immensely for the cause of India is tragic and must be corrected as earliest.

Salute to Savarkar, the Brave son of India

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