Universe theory : Western science vs Vedas

In 16th century,

Nicholas Copernicus, a western scientist, first proposed a proper heliocentric theory. It stated that the Sun was the center of the universe. Until then, the world believed that the Earth was the center of the universe. Several years later, with multiple advancements in astronomy, it was revealed that the Sun was also not the center of the universe, but revolving around the epicenter of a galaxy called the Milky Way. Almost 300 years and several advancements later, it was found that there are many galaxies like the Milky Way, each of them having innumerable stars, like our Sun.

In contrast to what the western world believed (assuming Earth as the centre of Universe), Indian Vedic philosophy states more than 5000 years ago that Earth is a Bhur lok, surrounded by Bhuvar lok (Other planets) and revolving around Swar Lok. But, Swar Lok (Sun) is also not stationary but is fixed by the gravitation of Jana Lok (Milkway Galaxy) and between them is the realm called Mahar Lok (Interstellar neighborhood and multiple other solar systems). Again, Jana Lok (Milky Way Galaxy) revolves around Brahma Lok ( Can be called Local Supercluster based on the findings by science till now. Beyond this is still unobservable by science) and is surrounded by Tapa Lok (Local Gallactic Groupand multiple galaxies much bigger than Milkyway).

It may sound absurd as of today, but sometimes I actually wonder whether the theory of evolution is bullshit, because if we actually are advancing to become a more civilized, informed and scientific society, how are we wasting hundreds and thousands of years to recollect the same information that we already had some 5000 years back?
It is also quite strange how ignorant people call Hinduism a boring old religion preaching intolerance when they themselves have not the slightest idea about it.

Proud to be a Hindu.

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