"I love my country" - By a secular Nationalist Indian Muslim.

1940's - I love my country, BUT I hate its infidel people. Give me a separate nation to practice our Islam in true sense.

1950's - I love my country, BUT I don't like its constitution. Give right to marry 4 women and abandon them by triple Talaq at will(I will not disclose why I need 4 wifes).

Early 1970's - I love my country BUT will welcome and hide every Bangladeshi infiltrator who enters my country.

Late 1970's - I love my country but will manipulate political and electorate systems to get the word Secularism induced in Constitution so that I have legal protection to my deceptions.

1980's - I love my country, BUT Kashmir belongs to Muslims only. I will kick out all Kahsmiri Hindus from Valley and Kashmir will only have Islamic law.

1990's - I love my country, BUT I love Babur more. I don't care why Ram Mandir was destroyed, I want my Babri Masjid back at that very place.

2000's - I love my country, BUT I will burn Kar Sevaks in a train alive. I will start my Randi rona once they retaliate, I will maintain that Randi rona for decades.

2010's - I love my country, BUT I will protest for Gaza only. I will kick and disrespect Amar Jawan Jyoti to please my Arab masters.

2013 - I love my country, BUT I will never sing Vande Mataram, so what? if its National song.

2015 - I love my country, BUT we are now in majority in many districts of Assam West Bengal, Bihar, kerala and UP, so Durga Puja or idol worship can't be permitted in those regions.

2020 - I love my country, BUT we are in demographic majority in West Bengal, Kerala, Assam, UP and Kashmir. Bring sharia law or we start killing everyone around like we did in 1947 and demand for separate nation and no one can stop us you don't have Modi Govt anymore. 2019 was death for Hindutva politics.

2030 - I love my country, BUT now we are 40% of country's population, idol worship must be banned and sharia should be implemented as MIM and AAP together have 2/3 majority in house.

2035 - Muslims cross 50% of India's population and then the truth comes out. I DON'T LOVE ANY COUNTRY because there is no concept of nation in our religion. There is only my religion I care about.

"I LOVE MY COUNTRY" thing was to fool you when you were majority. Didn't you see that we don't care about nation during 1947? You fools can't you guess when we asked for multiple marriage and breeding rights during 50s? Didn't you morons understand when when we told we will not sing Vande Mataram as that signifies worshiping motherland, which we won't do as we will worship Allah only, only alliance to Arabia, rest world is for conquering for Islam.

By this time our country will be left with only 3 scenarios namely Partition, Civil War or The worst Genocide of 21st century. Super Seculars will be busy packing their bags to leave the country and settle somewhere else where they will again have liberty to abuse the harmless majority and appease the minorities by airing their views in social media.

Call my post as communal, I don't care. Bharatiya Hindus, if you want your coming generations to be normal human beings and not Allah worshipers, you have to act now.

1. Open free teaching centers Sanskrit, Vedas and other important Hindu religious scripts in every city with same uniform curriculum nationwide.

2. Bring laws to make everybody sing Vande Mataram as it should be made National Anthem. Those who don't, kick them out by law.

3. Bring Uniform Civil Code. No 4 wives for anyone.

4. Any Hindu converting to Islam or Christianity should be undergoing prison term.

5. No 10 kids. Only 2. By law for followers of Abrahamic religion.

6. Anything where all others agree, but minorities want concession in the name of religion or demand special rights, simply say NO.

7. Teach martial arts to every Hindu under military supervision, so that they can defend themselves in danger. Those who are not prepared can get slaughtered instantly. Read history from original sources to know how Islam was spread in India.

We want our kids to be Innovators, Engineers, Lawyers, Good Humans with vedic life above all, We Just can't see them fighting a civil war and become killers because of our inaction.

Author- Satish Mylavarapu, Bengaluru, Bharat.

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