Download Free Books on Hinduism from Digital Library of India

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The Digital Library of India initiative has scanned and placed online, over 250,000 books on various subjects. They are available free of cost from two separate collections housed at IIIT and IISc. About 20,000 books touch upon Indology, Sanskrit literature and Hindu religious texts, including the Vedas and other scriptures. A lot of them are rare and not available elsewhere and come from many places like the TTD/RSVP Sanskrit university at Tirupati, Sringeri Math etc. But, accessing the books has been extremely hard due to the terrible catalog and reading features provided by the DLI’s servers. PR Labs has been providing free software to easily find and download rare books from the DLI. One click install- One click downloads. You can directly get neatly formatted Adobe PDF books using this program.

DLI Downloader developed by PR Labs uses a smart downloading engine and has a number of new optimization, data integrity and fault tolerance features in order to cope with the servers of both DLI sites.

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If you find any bugs, please email: dli.downloader[[at]]

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