In Quest of God by Swami Ramdas

"In Quest of God is an autobiographical account of Swami Ramdas’ unique experiences during the first year of his itinerant life all over India as a God-intoxicated Sadhu, culminating in his spiritual enlightenment.

After receiving the initiation of Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram from his father, Swami Ramdas, then known as Vittal Rao, renounced the worldly life in 1922 and wandered as a mendicant sadhu all over India and the Himalayas, in various states of God-intoxication, with Ramnam ever on his tongue, and heart as his only refuge. 

His path of complete surrender to the Will of God is joyfully rendered in a most inspiring way. After over a decade of wandering in a God realized state of liberation he returned to Southwestern India, and founded Anandashram, near Kanhangad, with the help and support of his foremost disciple, Mother (Mataji) Krishnabai, also a self-realized being.

In Quest of God is the first book in a trilogy chronicling Swami Ramdas' pilgrimage to God-realization. The next two books, In the Vision of God, vol. 1--The Continuing Saga of an Extraordinary Pilgrimage and In the Vision of God, vol.2--The Conclusion to the Saga of an Extraordinary Pilgrimage complete the series. Many readers find themselves in a lifelong love affair with this illuminating and transformational story. 


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