Sarva-darsana-sangraha of Madhavacharya

In this fourteenth century text 'A Compendium of all the Philosophical Systems' (of India) the author successively passes in review the sixteen philosophical systems current in India at the time, and gives what appeared to him to be their most important tenets, and the principal arguments by which their followers endeavoured to maintain them. In the course of his sketches, he frequently explains at some length obscure details in the different systems.

The systems are arranged from the Advaita-point of view. They form a gradually ascending scale-the first, the Charvaka and Buddha, being the lowest as the farthest removed from Advaita, and the last, Sankhya and Yoga being the highest as approaching most nearly to it.

The author, Madhavacharya or Madhava Vidyaranya (not to be confused with Madhvacharya, propounder of Dwaita philosophy)  was an exponent of the Advaita school of philosophy in Hinduism. He is said to be the brother of Sayanacharya who wrote a commentary on the four Vedas.

The present translation was originally published serially in the Banaras Pandit between 1874 and 1878 and was carefully revised and republished in book form later and a second edition was printed in 1894.

Table of Contents

A Not on Romanization
The Sarva-darsana-sangraha
The Prologue
The Charvaka System (E. B. C.)
The Buddha System (A. E. G.)
The A rhata or Jaina System (E. B. C.)
The Ramanuja System (A. E. G.)
The Purna-prajna System (A. E. G.)
The Nakulisa-Pasupata System (A. E. G.)
The Saiva System (E. B. C.)
The Pratyabhijna or Recognitive System (A. E. G.)
The Resesvara or Mercurial System (A. E. G.)
The Vaiseshika or Anulukya System (E. B. C.)
The Akshapada or Nyaya System (E. B. C.)
The Jaiminy System (E. B. C.)
The Paniniya System (E. B. C.)
The Sankhy System (E. B. C.)
The Patanjala or Yoga System (E. B. C.)
The Vedanta or System
APPENDIX : On the Upadhi (E. B. C.)

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