How I became a Hindu - David Frawley

David Frawley, who is now known as Vamadeva Shastri is perhaps the first American to get recognition in India as an Acharya of Hindu Dharma. In this book he describes how and why he was attracted to Hinduism and eventually embraced it.

David Frawley (Vāmadeva Śāstrī) is an author on Hinduism, Yoga and Ayurveda, and the founder and director of the American Institute for Vedic Studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which offers courses on Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, and Hindu astrology. He is also a Professor of Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda at the International Vedic Hindu University (IVHU). He is a Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor), and a Jyotishi (Vedic astrologer).

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