Hindu Fasts & Festivals - Swami Sivananda

A hand-book explaining the spirit and significance of all major Hindu fasts and festivals.

All Hindu festivals have a deep spiritual import or high religious significance. All great Hindu festivals have religious, social and hygienic elements in them. In every festival there is bathing in the morning before sunrise in the river or tank or well. Every individual will have to do some Japa, prayer, Kirtan, recitation of Sanskrit verses and meditation.

Man gets tired on account of hard work or monotonous actions. He wants some change or variety. He wants relaxation. He wants something to cheer him up. These festivals make him cheerful and happy, and give him rest and peace.

In this book, the author has explained the significance and the philosophy of many of the important Hindu fasts and festivals like Deepavali, Shivaratri, Navaratri, Ram Navami, Krishna Jayanti, Makar Sankranti, etc.

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